Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Wrote Last Night

This may not be exciting to you (especially since it was only about half a page) but for me it's huge!!! It is amazing the things I'll do to keep from putting my BIC (Butt-in-Chair) to write. I cooked dinner, watched TV (hey, it was Inside the Actor's Studio!), played online Family Feud with my son (great game BTW) until finally...FINALLY I sat down to write. It was a bit painful. As that famous quote goes, I was sweating blood but I got some words down--the beginnings of a new PB. Hopefully, this is the start (or should I say re-start) of a beautiful friendship.

Also, thanks to Miss Vicki for her comment. I don't know how you found little ole' me but I'm glad you did and I'm glad I inspired you to put your own BIC. For those who need that extra push I offer the following link from Margot Finke's May Musings column on procrastination: http://www.underdown.org/mf-procrastination.htm.

Peace and blessings <*{{{><

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