Friday, May 25, 2007

My Magnetic Poetry

A few years back I got a Magnetic Poetry book at an office Christmas party. Every year we do a Chinese gift exchange which if you haven't done it is a lot of fun. All the gifts are placed in a pile and each person is given a number. When your number is up (so to speak) you can either choose a gift or take one from someone before you if you like their gift better. The higher your number, the more likely you are to keep your gift. Some gifts change hands many times. This year for instance I really wanted a beautiful little basket someone had brought back from Africa. The poor little basket went back and forth between me and another woman. I'm happy to say I ended up with it and it is now proudly diplayed in my living room along with a wooden bottle opener carved in the shape of an alligator.

Anyway, back to the poetry. I didn't actually get the book during the gift exchange but I talked the guy who won it into exchanging it for my bottle of wine. I'm sure some people would rather have kept the wine but the writer in me couldn't resist another creative outlet. So, here are few poems I found in an old notebook that I think are kinda cool.

#1 Poem #1
The sound of glass cracking
slices through liquid
As you shower love in me
on a wild red summer morning

#2 Poem #2
I like when books grow
from my skin
and blossom like
full song to the wind

#3 Poem #3
Tell me about how these people
see you and what secret
only I can pronounce

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