Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Doing It Again

Yes, I'll be conducting my children's writing workshop again (newly titled, So You Want To Write For Children!) at the next Black Writers Reunion & Conference scheduled for June 19-21, 2008 in beautiful Tampa, FL. I did my first workshop at last year's conference in Dallas. While no one went running and screaming from the room, it was a sobering experience. Looking back, I think I tried to cram too much information into too short a period of time. So before I perpetrate myself on an another group of unsuspecting children's writers I'll be doing a revamp, making it lighter and a lot more fun. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fear of Writing?

Check out this site from Texas Public Radio. Each month they provide a writing prompt that you can use to write a story (no word limit). Send it in and if they like your story it will be recorded as a podcast on the station's website. You don't have to live in Texas to participate. I'm not sure I'm feeling this month's prompt, but not to worry, you can use any of the 112 prompts on the website to craft your own unique story.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I've been neglecting this blog in favor of my raw food blog. Sigh! Today I'm going to a meeting of the Black Writers Guild of Maryland, Inc. in Baltimore. Meetings are held the first Saturday of each month at the Garrison Blvd. branch of the public library. It's a nice get together for local writers most of whom are not children's writers but it's still nice to be among any writers for me, especially since I haven't been writing lately. Here's to being inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, the book I'm reading now, My Life in Paris, by Julia Child inspires me more than ever to go to France. It's on my list of must visit places along with Italy, Spain, Africa, Portugal, Turkey, and a host of others. The book relates her experiences while in Paris in the 40's and 50's. It's fun to see the making of great chef. She was determined to be a culinary queen and that's what she had become. Ciao for now!