Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Belated New Year!

I noticed that my last post was last year so it's only fitting that I wish you all Happy New Year...even if it is March.

The writing wasn't going as I'd planned which explains why I've been silent the last three months. But, good news! I finally submitted a story to my publisher that I believe they'll like and want to pay me for. What made me finally take the plunge after all this time? Well, I joined a critique group at my church. At last a live critique group! Until now all my critiques have been online. (Hey, I'm not complaining. I got my first book published that way.) I stumbled onto this group through a member of my bible study. At a recent meeting I read my story and got some good feedback. So I polished the ms up one more time and sent that baby out yesterday. Now, I'm trying to decide which of the many stories I have in various stages of completion I should work on next. It's a delightful quandary.

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Rediscover Raw Food said...

Hey! I'm glad to hear of your accomplishments! I tagged you to share 5 things about yourself. But if you don't have time, no worries. I would like to see more blogs from you though!