Friday, December 5, 2008

Writing The Mind Alive

I just finished this very interesting book on a method called Proprioceptive Writing. I learned about it while flipping the through the latest Kripalu catalog looking for possible workshops to attend. One of the upcoming workshops, coming up next week in fact, is being lead by Linda Trichter Metcalf, the creator of the method. Basically, it is an easy to learn writing technique that can be used by writers and non-writers alike as a tool for self-discovery, allowing you, through 25-minute sessions called Writes, to delve deep into whatever issue comes up for you at that time.

You start by putting on some Baroque music (the type of music is very important) and lighting a candle just as the music begins. Taking a few pages of unlined paper (also important), you begin to write whatever comes to mind. At a certain point you ask yourself the Proprioceptive Question (What do I mean by ___?) and your off!

I don't want to give away too much, you've got to read the book yourself, which is well worth doing. You can also learn more by visiting the website.

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