Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Excitement is Back!

Right now I'm working on a middle grade story that I've been tweaking on and off for a couple of years. I have a complete first draft (well, after all this time it's more than the first). It got a letter of merit in an SCBWI competition, but it never seemed quite right. For one thing, at 10,000 words, it's not quite long enough. More importantly it doesn't have the depth I'm looking for.

So I'm going about my business the other day--I may have been cleaning or something. My thoughts weren't on the book at all. Suddenly a couple of lines came to me. I didn't recognize them as lines for the story at first. I was just thinking. Luckily, I ran to write them down before I could forget. I then realized I had the perfect beginning (dare I say, hook) for my story. I plopped these lovely words at the start of my story and it was like magic. With those few words, I realized the story could be as deep, as fulfilling, as meaningful, as I imagine it can be. For a writer, there's nothing more exciting.

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