Friday, February 6, 2009

DIY Publishing?

As I contemplate news like the 25% drop in sales at Harper Collins, along with the increased difficulty in selling a manuscript these days, I am seriously considering the possibility of self-publishing. (No, really.) Once thought of as the last hope for those desperately seeking publication, self-publishing has gained a new level of respectability, mainly due to the improved quality of the books (both in appearance and content), not to mention the number of authors who have gone on to have their works acquired by major houses. In addition, the cost has become more affordable for the average schmo like me, although self-published PBs are still pricey. I wouldn't think of self-publishing a PB, although you know what they say--never say never. No, I'm considering it for the middle grade chapter book I'm currrently slaving over. Don't worry (not that you would be). I'll go the traditional route before I do anything rash. I'm not going to assume right away that someone somewhere in a small office with a view of a brick wall, obscured by an ever growing slush pile, won't be interested in my baby.

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