Friday, February 4, 2011

Live from AWP

Coming to you live from the AWP Conference in beautiful Washington, DC. Been to some amazing panel discussions and talked with some talented writers. One can't help but be inspired by all this writing brain power in one location. This could keep me writing for years. So glad I decided to spend the money to come. I think every writer who can should attend this information-packed conference.

But bring some spending money because you're going to want to buy at least a few books and some literary journals, of which there are scads. Many of your favorites are here but there are many I've never heard of. I did get a subscription to Smartish Pace only because they're local. Got a special subscription to Sable, which is a magazine I first discovered at Busboys & Poets bookstore. (I should really check it out while I'm here because I love that place!) Khadija is here all the way from the UK and they're celebrating their 10th anniversary! Sable features some of the best Black writers, old and new. The website is being updated or I'd link it here. Keep looking out for it though because it's a great publication.

As I sit here in the hotel cafe, enjoying free wi-fi, I feel so grateful for the ability to be here among other writers who are dedicated to the craft. I can hardly wait to get back and start writing again in earnest.

This is TheWriterStuff coming to you live from AWP. Ciao for now!

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