Monday, March 14, 2011

What I've Been Up To

I've been one busy woman the last few weeks since the conference in DC.

First of all I'm on the conference committee for the upcoming Maryland Writers Conference 2011. There's still time to register before the price goes up so go to the website now! Get a 10-minute pitch session with an agent or editor for just $30. Purchase as many sessions as your pocketbook allows.

Next, I'm taking another Odyssey course at JHU, Writing from Personal Experience. I don't usually write memoir but it's interesting to explore the possibilities. The class is pretty big, 22 people, but everyone is guaranteed 3 critiques of the 10-week course. Our first assignment was to write about a place using description. I wrote about shopping in downtown Brooklyn with my mother. One thing about writing memoir it takes you back to the experience in a way that's deeper than just remembering. To write effectively you have to relive it if you want the reader to live it too, incorporating specific details that make the experience real.

I'm among the first group to be critiqued and I have to critique 6 others as well. The nice thing is the instructor gave us exactly what we need to look for (voice, authority, clarity, design, development, insight) which makes it much easier to give a critique that's truly helpful for the reader.

Besides keeping up with my own reading and writing, I've been presented with an idea for a wonderfully exciting project. So many ideas, so little time. It's a wonderful life.

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