Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Next Book

I've been shopping my next pb without success so I'm going to try a different route and enter the National Childen's Book of the Year Award Contest held annually by the National Association of Elementary School Principals. I intend to win.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Writing Future

As I write this I'm on a train to Richmond to visit my family for Christmas. Fortunately, I have enough vacation time to be off until January. I intend to take this opportunity to reevaluate my life as a writer. I write every day (for work) but what about the writing that feeds my soul? What about the children's stories that are waiting to be born? The stories for children to love. I have many excuses for not writing which I won't bore you with here. I have made some progress in my non-fiction writing workshop (which I'm doing again in 2012). I'd like to keep the momentum going and venture back into children's books which is my first love. So look out for me.

(Ashland is beautiful, btw. I'm passing through now. Love the Victorian homes that line the way.)