Sunday, February 10, 2013

Calling All Authors!

Children's book authors, that is. Enter the NAESP National Children's Book of the Year  and win a chance to have your picture book or chapter book for children 3-16 published by Charlesbridge. But hurry, your entry must be postmarked by March 15.

Sending my pb in with hands clasped in prayer.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Don't Forget to Play

I did a lot of play-writing at a recent workshop at Sevenoaks in Madison, VA. The workshop, entitled The Art of Transformative Writing, was led by the wonderful Pat MacEnulty. It was one of the best I've ever attended. Pat made me realize that I could write just for fun, that I didn't have to be accomplishing something (like working on my current WIP). I found this very freeing and so now, I write just for the heck of it. Who knew? Here's a poem I wrote for the workshop, which Pat graciously featured on her blog (

by Gail F. Johnson

It seems to me that when I was younger, life was simpler
But that was probably not true.
It seems to me that men are from another planet.
Let’s call that planet Macho.
It seems to me that if children were taught how to live and be, along with history and math,
The world would be a better place.
It seems to me that people need to embrace each other,
Instead of turning away.
It seems to me that women spend far too much time worrying about what they look like.
Think more about who you are.
It seems to me that nature is begging us to pay attention to her.
Let’s stop raping her to fulfill our greed.
It seems to me that if I would write everyday my novel would be done by now.
I will free my mind.
It seems to me that if you loved me, you’d let me know.
I’m still waiting.