Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guest Speaker

In case you're wondering the guest speaker was me at the quarterly meeting of the Life Journeys Writers Club. Yvonne Medley, founder, invited me to speak about my book and about writing for children in general. I first met Yvonne when I was lining up speakers for the Maryland Writers' Association annual conference. I was secretary of the organization at the time.

The meeting was at Mimi's Cafe in Greenbelt. For some reason I assumed it would be a small group of ladies seated at one table, just talking about writing. Boy was I wrong. I was led into the back room of the restaurant which turned out to be full of about 20-30 people at separate tables--all ages, races, genders, nationalities, you name it. When it was time for me to speak I was given a microphone (I don't think I've ever spoken through a handheld mic before) and as I stood there looking at those faces I wondered what to say. Thinking it would be a small group I had nothing formally prepared.

I began by telling the always amusing story of how my book got published. That resulted in a host of questions, which I was grateful for. I love to share information and so I was in my element. After I spoke, Yvonne handed me an envelope as a thank you. (Turns out it was a paid speaking engagement.) I'd brought a few books but didn't have much hope of selling any. Instead, I sold and signed four books before I had to make a hasty retreat back to Baltimore to get my Zipcar back in time.

Being among that diverse group of writers was so uplifting and inspiring. I haven't been writing much lately but seeing their great enthusiasm may just bring me back to the page. Time to get back to work because I've got many stories that need a tellin'