Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Walk by the Sea

I'm running out of things to write about so I'll write about walking by the sea.
I don't live near the sea but I wish I did.

If I did I'd walk by the sea every day.
Relish the music of the roaring waves.
Inhale the bracing salt sea air.
Watch the start of a new day's sunrise.
Or the ending at sunset.
I could fall asleep reading a thick novel on a plaid blanket under a striped umbrella. 
I could roll up my pants, walk to the very edge of the ocean and experience that disorienting sensation of movement as the tide rushes out.
I could swim. 

But maybe if I lived by the sea, walking by the sea wouldn't seem so necessary.
Or exciting.
Or important.
So I wouldn't do it.
Like living in NYC and never going to the Empire State Building 
Or seeing a Broadway play.
You know it's there. You'll get around to it eventually. Maybe not. No hurry.
I hope that never happens.
I hope a walk by the sea will always be important, exciting and necessary.
I hope it will always hold the magic that it holds for me now.