Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Writer Writes!

Why do I write? Or better yet, why do I WANT to write? Especially when not writing causes me such anxiety and angst. I see writer friends on Facebook, drumming out stories, celebrating their writing success with their latest publication. I was once of those people. I've basked in the evanescent glow of the newly published author. AND I've been able to do it more than once, which is a feat in itself. 

What's more I enjoy writing. I mean I really love putting pen to paper and words on the page. The thrill of finding just the right word and constructing the perfect sentence is like no other. I'm sure that's true for just about everyone who calls themselves a writer.

I've got more stories than I know what to do with. That's part of the "problem." Focus. I hesitate to call it a problem since there are so many writers out there longing for ideas. But having too many ideas can be just as bad as having not enough. I know I can hunker down and finish a piece of writing. Hell, I've done it before and with great success.

I get tired of making excuses though. Or I should say I AM tired. Dagnabbit, shit or get off the pot. Just do it. Make it happen. Stop with the pitiful reasons why you don't do what you say you want to do. I want the joy back. I know it's within my reach. The stories are waiting patiently (or maybe not so patiently) to be written. They want their day in the sun. Do I have any right to deny them (or my readers) that privilege? No, I say. Shut up and write!

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